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Cardiac Shockwave Therapy


Regeneration of infarcted heart muscle remained a dream of modern medicine despite of comprehensive research on stem cell and gene therapy. Both technologies have not gained broad clinical use due to limited clinical results and significant side-effects including tumor formation.

Shockwave therapy induces tissue regeneration in infarcted heart muscle and thereby significantly improves heart function (left ventricular ejection fraction). Shockwaves at low-energy levels are in broad clinical use for tissue regeneration in other indications, mainly in orthopedics (see International Society of Medical Shockwave Treatment  – www.ismst.com). It is therefore proven safe in millions of patients over more than 30 years. This distinguishes shockwave therapy clearly from all other regenerative therapy approaches!

While establishing cardiac shockwave therapy for the intraoperative use in cardiac surgery we are in parallel developing a second generation heart applicator for minimally-invasive/ interventional use in cardiology.


The achievement of Heart Regeneration Technologies is to refine low-energy regenerative shockwave therapy. Shockwaves at low energy levels exert regenerative effects rather than disintegration of stones or plaques such as with high energies in Lithotripsie. We developed a sterile applicator suitable for direct cardiac application during heart surgery. Our hand-held applicator is the world’s smallest shockwave applicator and the treatment on the heart is highly differentiated from existing products.

Numerous small and large animal trials helped us to clarify the exact molecular working mechanism of the new technology and led us to a first in-men application. In this human pilot trial we have been able to confirm safety and feasibility of the new treatment.

Our results have been published in high-ranked scientific journals (e.g. Cardiovascular Research, JTCVS, PLoS One) and presented at major international meetings (e.g. ESC, AHA, EACTS).

We were awarded numerous national and international research as well as business plan prizes. Most recently, we made the 2nd place of the EACTS Techno College Innovation Award as being one of the three most important innovations in cardiac surgery in 2016!


Heart Regeneration Technology’s device controls escalating health care costs by introducing less expensive and less time consuming therapy into regenerative medicine in cardiac surgery and cardiology.

Heart Regeneration Technologies is a limited liability company based in Innsbruck, Austria. It is a spin-off from Innsbruck Medical University. Heart Regeneration Technologies is owned by four partners, of which two are the medical inventors. One of them is the technical engineer and developer. As a fourth partner the Tyrolean Business Angel GmbH serves as a lead investor to our start-up company from directly after foundation.

Next steps include a clinical trial to obtain CE mark in 2018 and a large-scale multicenter post-market study involving key-opinion leaders in the field.

A Boston Consulting Group market study on our technology and business concept resulted in a clear positive business case.

The company today is financed by top institutional as well as private investors. Please contact us for further information on investment and business opportunities.





Heart Regeneration Technologies GmbH
Egger-Lienz-Straße 1d
6020 Innsbruck, Austria

Phone: +43 512 552 497

CEO: Dr. Johannes Holfeld

Email: office[at]heart-regeneration.com
Web: www.heart-regeneration.com

Registration number: FN 458958 p
VAT: ATU71411705
Law court: Innsbruck, Austria






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